Press Braking

AS Sheetmetal has a highly efficient CNC Press brake facility with a bending capacity of up to 3.7m folding length and 175 tonne capability.

We have a dedicated 5000sq ft press braking facility which allows us to provide accurate & precise formed parts in a range of materials & thicknesses. Our three axis Cyblex CNC control allows us to programme our machine quickly which allows us to set up & manufacture parts quickly, ensuring we can meet our customers requirements whilst quality can be maintained.

AS Sheetmetal prides itself on being flexible, we have in house design capabilities and use a range of software’s such as Solidworks to allow us to take parts from design to production. We stock a wide variety of press braking tooling allowing us to form a large range of parts. We also have strong partnerships with press brake tooling manufacturers which allow us to simulate how complicated parts will be formed and then supply bespoke tooling to facility the project.

We are happy to form small & large order quantities and can work with a range of materials including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass.
We have a team of experienced Press Brakes engineers who work along side a dedicated sales team who can quotations quickly & competitively.