Mould Coating’s & finishing

Our coating is a highly effective alternative to Teflon coatings and conventional release agents

Offers the following key features:

  • Combines the permanent release functions of Teflon with the controllability of semi-permanent release agents.
  • Available in standard, matte, metallic and ceramic coatings
  • Can be supplied on new moulds or be used to refurbish existing moulds.

Product is available from AS Sheetmetal – a one-stop-shop for moulds and accessories which provides a complete service package from product design, prototype tooling and model making through to production ready rotational moulds. Product can be applied to new rotational moulds and also used to refurbish existing moulds

Saves Money

Gives an old mould a new lease of life reducing wastage -Enhances mould function and reduces waste:
-Material flow improved
-Heat transfer improved
-Uniform material wall thickness
-Reduced warpage and distortion
-Controlled and uniform shrinkage
-Makes moulds last longer
-Mould protected from pigment leaching
-Eliminate sticking and safeguard mould from damage from manual removal of part
-Extend maintenance intervals
-Products protects mould when not in use also (steel moulds won’t rust)
-Make savings in weeks
-No longer require release agents
-Reduce material requirements because there is less scrap
-Lower shot weights means less material required.

Increases Productivity

- Save time in applying release agents
- No more “stuck-up” mouldings to deal with
- Allows cycle time reductions
- Reduces mould and machine downtime

Improves quality

- Eliminate pinholes
- Remove “blooming” on surface
- Improve colour density
- Reduce bridging
- Consistency